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JW Portable Welding & Repairs follows new COVID - 19 provincial restrictions. In view of new COVID - 19 restrictions, we will continue to provide our welding services only to projects deemed essential, urgent repairs in essential industries, and to designated projects when our service attributes ...

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Initial analysis of steel fabrication that supports aluminum cast or aluminum mold are crucial for project success. Although the budgeting constrains in these difficult times enforce maximum efficiency, still the initial analysis of metal structures that plays some mechanical role is necessary. T...

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This is a comparison of modern steel structure for aluminum mold - at top of the picture- with old and damaged steel structure of the same canoe's mold. Please notice the complex design eliminating deflection of aluminum mold and deflection of steel structure. Support for incline of 25 degrees an...

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This metal fabrication of aluminum cast's steel support for a canoe's mold took about 1.5 months of preparation and 4 weeks of precision metal fabrication. This almost 19 feet support provides stability for aluminum canoe's mold during rotation (5 rpm) and incline ( 25 degrees). We have welded al...

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Covid-19 creates challenges for mobile welding, portable welding and welding shop operations. Within mobile welding and portable welding services, we perform welding on your premises and that increases the risk of transmitting the virus. Therefore, welder coming to your premises must be healthy a...

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As our business is considered an essential business in Ontario, we will provide welding services as long as our crew will stay healthy. Symptoms of Covid - 19 cause variety of difficulties for welder that deeply affect quality of weld. Aside of significant health concerns for our welder and for o...

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Welding projects and Covid-19
JW Portable Welding & Repairs offers welding services during Covid-19 pandemic as long as the project does not involve more than 10 people and welders do not have any symptoms such as high fever, coughing or sneezing. As welding process demands mental concentration f...

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Picture say a thousand words. The initial constructive contact with us starts with your projects’ pictures, drawings, and sketches. You can send us pictures attached to the email or you can text us pictures on the phone number provided on this page. When taking a picture of your welding project ...

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4 months ago
My experience with JW Portable has been amazing! He is intelligent, informative, easy to work with and a real master in the art of welding! I've used his services many times and the customer are always satisfied! Highly recommend JW Portable!
- Ricardo R
5 months ago
I’ve done multiple jobs with this company!! Amazing workmanship and never been disappointed!! Great job!!
- Jason H
2 years ago
We have used JW Portable Welding’s services for years. We like their on-site metal fabrication, re-fabrication and modifications for efficiency and precision. Their in shop custom fabrication is also very good. They do very precise work. We have also used crack repairs related to metal fatigue which in our business happens a lot. Their mobile welding is cost effective and my guys are helping the welder which reduces the cost too. I also prefer to use high tensile rods on the cracks since they seem to hold better and they also provide this service. We will definitely continue to use their services, great overall experience!!
- David T

One Source Solutions Welding Company

We are a small welding company located in London Ontario offering advanced welding technology services in London as well as in the whole Ontario. Our services include:  1)    Mobile welding, on-site service lasting a few hours a day, 2)    Portable welding, on-site service when we connect our machines to your electric power. Useful service for: a)    On-site fabrication requiring multiple alignments. b)   Aluminum molds repair c)    Aluminum cast welding d)   Welding cast steel e)    Tool and dies weld repair, 3)    Metal Fabricator: a)    mild steel fabrication of jigs and tooling (except construction) b)    aluminum fabrication c)    stainless steel fabrication  4)    Welding shop services 5)    Metal Art Projects 6)    Preventative Maintenance performed by Certified Millwrights. 7)    Handrail fabrication and repair of old handrail 8)    Railing fabrication 9)    Heavy Equipment Welding 10) OWSJ Reinforcement 11) Leaking Tank Service Some of our services are rather rare from a provincial perspective or even from national perspective. These relatively unique services include on-site fabrication, aluminum casting molds welding and repairs, aluminum cast welding, welding cast steel, and tool and dies weld repair. We regularly visit technology shows in North America and we test technologies and materials prior using them in client’s project. The knowledge and experience gained from one area of our specialization, in many instances transfers successfully to improvements of other specialization areas. Moreover, many projects utilize all our specializations that is why we offer one source solutions to your most challenging projects.   Mobile Welding Service The mobile welding utilizes 3 trailers equipped with self-propelled diesel welding machine, medium or heavy duty oxy-acetylene torches, multiple grinders, and other tooling. With this setup our certified mobile welder travels to your location to perform welding of aluminum, stainless steel welding, mild steel and galvanized steel welding. We offer mobile welding in London, Ontario, but also we offer: 1)    Woodstock mobile welding 2)    St. Thomas mobile welding 3)    St. Marys mobile welding 4)    Stratford mobile welding 5)    Strathroy mobile welding 6)    Tillsonburg mobile welding 7)    Ingersoll mobile welding Our mobile SMAW welding supports old handrail repairs, heavy equipment cracks welding and OWSJ reinforcement projects within 100 km radius from London. Aside of SMAW aluminum welding, stainless steel welding and mild steel welding, the mobile welding offers fluxed core welding and GTAW in construction setup. Portable Welding Service Our portable welding service offers very advanced welding services based on technologically advanced welding machines connected to your power outlets. Presently at our disposal we have 8 highly specialized and powerful welding machines providing services of advanced GTAW and GMAW welding in the whole Ontario. In general, these services focus on: 1)    On-site metal fabrication services in order to accommodate to, frequent inspection and recommendations, multiple alignments to existing machinery or equipment, and security of intellectual property. Additionally, our on-site metal fabrication service is beneficial in cases of utilization of advanced alloys as well as concerns regarding resistance to vibration and playability of welds. 2)    Aluminum molds repair service involves welding repair of aluminum casting molds as well as repairs of steel structures supporting the mold. a)    Aluminum casting molds’ repairs involves welding of cracks and imperfections, welding repair of places damaged by friction, and welding in missing pieces. Within this service we will provide same aluminum alloy piece in the shape and thickness of missing piece and we will weld it into the damaged mold. We will also polish the welded in piece to allow your polishers take over with minimum effort. b)    The existing steel structure repair of existing cracks focused on rigidity. c)    Design and fabrication of new supporting steel structure for repaired aluminum casting mold that focus on rigidity, elimination of deflection during the production, and elimination of displacement. 3)    Aluminum Cast Welding service involves welding damaged and broken large aluminum casts in place with common aluminum alloys or with customized alloys. In general, we utilize powerful GTAW welding machine, and we focus on cast penetration and accuracy. However, some machining could be necessary after our welding. 4)    Welding Cast Steel service allows repair of cracks in large and very large steel casts without steel cast removal. We perform this service in place and in controlled temperature calculated based on cast shape. We also use technologically advanced welding rods to accomplish this task. 5)    Tools and dies welding repair service utilizes once again powerful GTAW welding machine and advanced welding alloys suitable for tools and/or dies repair. 6)    Stainless Steel Welding GMAW service with very thin wire or extremely thick wire. This service allows to provide effective welding of cracks in stainless steel sheet metal (stainless steel sinks) or welding of large stainless steel water pipe’s to stainless steel flanges. We offer portable welding services to clients in whole Ontario and specifically in: 1)    Portable welding London 2)    Portable welding Mississauga 3)    Portable welding Toronto 4)    Portable welding Brampton 5)    Portable welding Oakville 6)    Portable welding Windsor 7)    Portable welding Kitchener 8)    Portable welding Hamilton 9)    Portable welding St. Catharines 10) Portable welding Cambridge 11) Portable welding Guelph 12)  Portable welding Guelph   Welding shop services – metal fabricator service Welding shop services focus on metal fabrication services including: 1)    Aluminum fabrication 2)    Mild steel fabrication 3)    Stainless steel fabrication More specifically we focus on new handrail fabrication in steel, aluminum and stainless and in railing fabrication for warehousing facilities. Additionally, our projects involve metal art in combination of forging and acrylic boxes. Our welding shop supports our mobile welding services and advanced portable welding services.

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